Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find appropriate contacts for the medical resource that you seek, kindly contact either of the following persons at the duty station: - The focal/contact person at the duty station - The security office of the duty station
This directory only suggests places of treatment at which the availability and reliability of certain services has been verified. The lists in this directory are not, however, exhaustive. The directory also does not dictate that United Nations staff members or dependants should get treatment from only the listed centres and doctors. Users with verified information that could be useful to other users of the directory are encouraged to contribute that information so that it may be included in the directory for the benefit of other users.
This directory is only intended to suggest various HIV resources – at most indicating that some have been accredited by the United Nations. The directory however does not dictate which medical resources staff members or their dependants should use to obtain treatment. Staff members are free to use any other medical resources known to them and if possible also contribute them for entry into the directory for the benefit of other staff members.
As a user of this directory, you are kindly requested to notify (through the feedback page) the administrator(s) of this directory of any change that may have taken place since the information was posted. Suggestions of any new information are also encouraged.